was born 07 July 1868 in Dover, Pope Co Arkansas, and died 16 February, 1895, in Monroe, Lousiana. He married ALLIE DACUS on 18 December 1888 in Pope Co Arkansas, in a double wedding with his sister and her groom - Nettie Barlow and James Tate. He died from smallpox in 1895.


was born Sept 1869 in Dardanelle, Yell Co, Arkansas and died before August 1902 in Oklahoma. She was the daughter of William Dacus and Eleanor Jane Kirkpatrick.

After Robert's death, Allie married Waller(Walter) K. Lusby in Lamar Co Texas.  He was her cousin, the son of Cornelius Morgan Lusby and Julia Kirkpatrick. She died in 1902 while visiting the family of her half-brother Lawrence Ferrill in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Photo of Robert Henry Barlow