Some Seward family records

These pages about the Seward family are primarily the result of the work of my aunt Mildred Pierce. She assembled and organized a large collection of Seward records BC (before computers), before the Internet, and before the current "age of information" . Between September 1968 and June 1971 she published a quarterly magazine called "Seward Cousins" in which she printed records which she had collected for all branches of the Seward family. These publications are still available in many genealogical libraries. When I started working with genealogical records several years ago I finally began to appreciate the time and effort involved in her undertaking.

I first posted these files on Rootsweb in 2000. I abstracted the information which deals with my own ancestors from her publications and presented it as group sheets. I've left the original files in place at Rootsweb, but I'm duplicating the information here because I want to put together a full record of my genealogical projects. I've added a few updates where they were appropriate.

I'm aware of four printed sources for Seward family records.
  1. The quarterly magazine "Seward Cousins" which Mildred Pierce created and published between 1968 and 1971. Among the many records presented it includes information for my branch of the Seward family going back to American Revolution.
  2. In 1987 George C. Seward published a book called "Seward and Related Families." In it he details his entire ancestry, but a great deal of his research examines the pre-revolutionary history of the Sewards in America, in particular Obadiah Seward's line.
  3. "Obadiah Seward of Long Island, New York and His Descendants" was written by Dr. Frederick Whittlesey Seward, Jr. and published 1948 at Goshen, NY. I do not own this book so I can't comment on its content. It's often listed as a reference source for the Seward family.
  4. "Descendants of Obadiah Seward Jr." By James R. Kuttler. This book greatly expands on the 1948 book by Frederick Whittlesey Seward, Jr., "Obadiah Seward of Long Island, New York and his Descendants," corrects some mistakes in that book, and adds many more descendants. It was published in 2007 and was not available to my aunt. It's an invaluable reference.

Here are my Seward family group sheets:

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