Some Seward Family Groups
Samuel Seward, Sr b. @1736

1. Samuel Seward Sr. & Unknown
2. Samuel Seward and second wife Liddie Mitchell
Samuel and Liddie were married in Stokes County, North Carolina, between 1789-1796

Samuel's children - believed to be by his first wife:
  • John - Living in Warren County, Ohio, 1817

  • Mehitable - Living in Franklin County, Indiana 1818
    Wife of Abner Leonard

  • Mahala - Living in Franklin County, Indiana, 1818
    Married to George Gregg

  • Lydia - Living in Franklin County, Indiana, 1818
    Married to James Thompson

  • Daniel - Living in Pendleton County, Kentucky, in 1817
    Married to Elizabeth (last name unknown)
    There is a Revolutionary War pension file for Daniel
  • Mary - Living in Miami County, Ohio in 1829.
    Married to Sylvester Thompson

  • Ann - Married to Zebadiah Billiter. Zebediah died in North Carolina and his wife and sons moved to Pendleton County, Kentucky @1815.

  • Sarah - Residence in 1824 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
    Married to Joseph Billitter

  • Samuel, Jr. - Deceased before his father,
    leaving heirs Obadiah and others

  • Maria - Maria may be Samuel's daughter with Liddie Mitchell. There is a young girl with Samuel and Liddie in the 1810 census. A Maria Seward (between 16 and 25 in 1820) married Squire Duit (Dewitt) April 13, 1818 in Franklin Co, IN. She is mentioned in the settlement of Samuel's estate

Samuel Seward, Sr. has the weakest proofs in the chain of descendants of Obadiah. All evidence collected to date indicates that he's the son of Obadiah Seward III and was born in New Jersey @ 1736. We do not know the name of his first wife, but she was probably the mother of all his children (exception - possibly Maria Seward Duit (Dewitt)). Zebedee Billiter, his son-in law, was bondsman at his marriage to Liddy Mitchell.

Samuel Sr. purchased property in Bracken County, KY in March 1798 - 92 acres on the banks of the Ohio River - from Edward Salts and Hugh Marshall (Deed Book A, pp. 29-32). A good share of his family came to live in the same general area. The names, spouses and geographical locations listed above come from the documents surrounding the settlement of Samuel Seward Sr.'s will (1815 and later)

The estate of Samuel Seward was appraised by Robert Wells, Mathew Artes, and Abner Leonard, Administrator. The record of the sale comes from Book B of Wills, p. 13, Bracken County, KY (March term, 1816). Personal property totalled $113.00.

1 pair hand IronsSam Elliott (purchaser of Samuel Seward's property) $2.00
2 AugursAbner Leonard(son-in-law)1.25
3 Chizels & GougeAbner Leonard.90
1 axeWm. Fancher.70
1 Mowing SytheAbner Leonard 3.52
1 pair G--&Collars Isaac Smith3.56
1 BellThomas Owens.36
1 Bell & CollarDaniel Seward (Samuel's son)2.01
1 HatchettGeorge Gregg (son-in-law).36
1 chest & LumberBenjamin Grover1.12
1 Cole Dish & LumberJames Kemp2.38
1 Clovis, wedge & open ringAbner Leonard1.20
1 kegThomas Bradshaw.50
1 box & lumberJames Kemp.32
2 buckets & canteenThomas Bradshaw.38
1 tableHenry Miller1.00
1 Half-bushelWm Perle.80
1 spiderT. H. Breshears1.63
2 bee gums & timothy seedSam Pepper.29
4 keggsThomas Bershears1.00
1 kegg & timothy seedSam Pepper.35
1 table & lumberBen Groves.59
1 siveWm. Fancher.12
1 pair geer, rake & templeTom Bershears1.04
1 Bay HorseJames Thompson (son-in-law)13.00
1 Milking HeiferAbner Leonard13.00
1 Brindle cowGeorge Gregg15.5
1 Brindle HeiferJames Thompson7.25
5 hogs, first choiceGeo. McCradey7.07
7 hogs, last choiceThomas Hampton6.39
1 row peach treesWm. Little.27
1 row peach treesSam Pepper.51
3 row peach treesJohn Clark.2
2 rolls paper- .14
1 potSamuel Bailey3.15
1 barrel of meatAbner Leonard10.30
4 barrelsJames McDaniel.85
2 barrelsSam Bailey.75
1 picklin pot Sam Baley2.01
1 crockery wareHugh Worster.12
1 hand millRobert Bassey4.75
1 pott PeachJohn Perle2.12
1 kettleAbner Leonard.77
1 bedsteadRobert Bassey1.12
2 tubbsBenjamin Grover.12