Some Seward Family Groups

Obadiah Seward and Polly (Sparks) Seward

Married 1815 in Hamilton County, Ohio

Obadiah Seward was the oldest son of Samuel and Alsey (Gentry) Seward. He was born in North Carolina 28 September, 1790 and grew up in Hamilton County, Ohio where his parents settled prior to 1800. The above pictures may be of he and his wife. We now feel that it's more likely they are of son Francis and his wife Phoebe. He married Polly Sparks, the daughter of Isaac Sparks and Sally (Hankins) Sparks in 1815. Their first three children were born in Hamilton County, Ohio (farm on 30 acres in SE corner of Section 2, Twp 2 of the first entire Range in the Miami purchase). In the spring of 1821 they moved to Rush County, Indiana where the family lived until about 1847. They then moved to Hancock County, Indiana.

Obadiah died 21 February 1867. Polly (Mary) Sparks Seward died 20 Feb. 1870. They are both buried in Harlan Cemetery in Hancock County as are several of their children and spouses.

Obadiah Seward was a farmer, and had been a preacher for more than fifty years at the time of his death in 1867 in Hancock County, Indiana. He was a New Light, or as he would now be called, a member of the Christian Church. In political matters he was a staunch Jacksonian Democrat.. . . Mildred Pierce - researcher of this branch of the Seward family and 2xgreatgranddaughter of Obadiah Seward


Samuel Seward was born 1819 in Hamilton County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Lovelace who was born in New York, 1817. The family lived at Markleville, Indiana.

They had eight children:

  • Anna Belle b. 1835 first married a Mr. Abden, second Mr. John D. Hodson.
  • John Lovelace b. 1838 first married Sarah Jane Wood, second Mrs. Louisa B. Stant.
  • Ethalene b. 1839 married James Haver Huston.
  • Martha b. 1842 married Isaac N. Hodson.
  • Mary b. 1845 married Hiram Cooper.
  • Benjamin O. b. 1856 married Mary Denton.
  • Elsie S. b. 1849 married George C. Lewis.
  • and Elizabeth b. 1858 m. James Blake.

Sarah Seward, born 1824 in Indiana, married Dr. Aaron Gregg. She died in 1874. The Gregg family lived for some time in San Antonio, Texas.

They had two daughters, Frances, b. 1845 and Alice b. 1848


Elcey Seward born June 26, 1826 married John Vandyke. She was his second wife, and had the following children.

Alice S., born 1853, Skelman, born 1856 and Sarah F. born 1859


Luann P. Seward born 1830 married Elder Daniel Franklin. She was his second wife. The family lived at Middletown, Indiana.

  • Pierce Franklin, b. 1853
  • Empress Josephine, b. 1856
  • Maggie Hinchman, b. 1858, married Lewis Allen Neff
  • Mary L., b. 1861, married John T. Liebrart
  • Charlotte, b. 1863
  • Ruth, b. 1866

Ruth Seward born 25 Feb, 1832 married Rev. John Huston. The family lived in Middletown, Indiana.

  • Ledger D. Huston, b. 1854 married Diannah Josephine Rider
  • Laura, b. 1856 married William Blake
  • Frank, b. 1860 married May Belle Brandenberg
  • Lee, b. 1866
  • Joseph, b. 1868 (died as infant)

William Seward, born 29 April, 1833 married May Ann Justice. They lived at Markleville, Indiana.

  • Phebe J., b. 1856 did not marry
  • Samuel A., b. 1860 married Bettie Vanduyn
  • Kate S., b. 1863 married Alva Johnson
  • Fanny S., b. 1866 married a Mr. Osborne
  • Obadiah H., b. 1871 did not marry