Some Seward Family Groups

Francis and Phoebe
(Vandike) Seward

Married 7 January, 1844
Rush County, Indiana

Their children:

Francis C. Seward was born near Cincinnati, Ohio February 22, 1820, a son of Obadiah Seward and Polly (Mary) Sparks Seward. In 1825 Obadiah, Mary and family moved to Rush County, Indiana where Francis grew up. He married Phoebe Vandike there 7 January, 1844.

In 1848 Francis and wife Phoebe moved to Hancock County where they farmed and raised horses. In 1870 Francis was terribly injured in an accident involving a runaway team of horses and died of those injuries September 8, 1870. He is buried in Harland Cemetery.

Phoebe Vandike Seward was born October 2, 1826(tombstone says October - her obituary says 25 November, 1825 - p) possibly in Brown County, Ohio, (the daughter of Ralph Vandike and Orminer Runyon - p.). Her brother John married Francis' sister Elcey. After Francis died Phoebe lived with her children. She spent some time with her son Obadiah's family in Kansas then returned to Indiana to live with her daughter Mary Alice. It was there she died in September 1891. She is buried beside her husband at Harland Cemetery.

"The Seward family was originally from England, but for the past seventy-five years has resided or settled, near Cincinnati, Ohio. Previous to coming to Hancock and Madison Counties about 1848, they resided in Rush County, Indiana, coming there from Cincinnati perhaps in 1825.
The family is a peculiar one, all lovers of horse flesh and fast horses, and perhaps there is no family that is better as judges than the Seward family, extending down to the last generation, or as soon as they can ride a colt.
This worthy family is one of great influence and high standing. Most of the family were and are members of the Christian Church, and Democrats to the core."
Hardin "The Pioneers of Madison and Hancock Counties, Indiana

Obadiah Seward was born 5 December, 1844 in Rush County, Indiana. He married Sarah Agnes Markle April 26, 1863 in Madison County, Indiana. (Sarah's parents were John Markle(1793-1865) and Sarah Allen(1797-1867))

Obadiah and Sarah moved to Illinois in 1871 and then in 1876 went on to Rice County, Kansas, near Lyons. They were the parents of eleven children, five girls and six boys.

  • Phoebe b. 27 May, 1864 in Indiana m. Joe McNeil 31 May, 1882. Children - Frank and Roxey

  • Sarah (Sade) b. 21 Jan, 1866 in Madison County, Indiana m. Joe Case 1 May, 1886. Children - Thomas, Alice, Cecil, Agness and Ray. Sarah died 18 April, 1938 Osage City, KS

  • Francis L. (Frank) b. 3 August, 1868 m. Olive Allison 16 Jan 1898. Children - Dosia, Opal, Gayle and Cash. Ollie died in Great Bend, KS in 1942 and Frank died in Lewis, KS 6 October, 1949.

  • Willliam Elias (Lyde) b. 14 April, 1870 in Illinois m. Mary Clifton 14 April, 1895. Children - Leta, Earl, Dot, Ethel, Ida, Iva, Glen, and Lester. William Elias died in Raleigh, KS 28 Dec, 1954 of a head injury

  • Isabella (Ibbie) b. 25 August, 1872 in Illinois m. John Case 6 July, 1898. Children - Nellie, Vaile S., and Merten A. The Case family lived at Zenda and Annas, Kansas.

  • George Lee b. 10 October, 1875 in Illinois. He never married. He died in Montana 14 Dec, 1929 and is buried in Ellinwood, Kansas.

  • Lucien B. b. 16 May, 1876 in Illinois m. Lydia Brown 22 November, 1899. Children - none. Lucien died 6 August 1940 in Redlands, California

  • Bessie b. 26 July, 1878 in Kansas m. William Evans at Lyons, KS 3 August, 1895. Children - They had 10 children, names of three known - Roy, Joe and Ruth.

  • Earl b. 25 July, 1881 in Kansas m. Helen McKeown 25 Jan, 1904. Children - none. Earl died 28 May, 1951

  • Robert b. 8 Sept, 1884 in Kansas m. Ora Martin Shelden 3 November, 1937 in Sandpoint, Idaho. Children - none. Robert died in Montana 9 Sept, 1952 and is buried in Ellenwood, KS

  • Kate b. 11 Feb, 1886 in Barton County, KS m. Adolph Sporn 2 May, 1906. Children - George Edward, Leo, Woodrow, and Emma. Kate died 11, May, 1920.

Sarah Agnes died 10 Dec, 1903 and is buried beside her husband in Graceland Cemetery in Lyons, Kansas. After her death Obadiah married Harriet Potter of Ohio. He died 4 July, 1915.

"Obadiah Seward of Putnam Township, Stafford, Kansas has been widely know and honored as a leading citizen. For many years he has been the proprietor on one of the big stock ranches of this part of the country. He was kind and cheerful and apparently in the best of health. On July 4 he drove out to the pasture to see his stock with his grandson Cash Seward, age 13, and was suddenly taken by heart failure, dying instantly. . ."


Orminer Seward was born 18 May 1846 in Indiana. She died 20 April 1847 and is buried in Gard Cemetery in Hancock Co, IN.(Orminer was named for her grandmother Orminer Runyon VanDike. Her unusual name led to the discovery of the names of her grandpaerents - p.)


David Franklin Seward was born 27 October, 1853 near Anderson, Indiana. In 1876 he moved to Rice County, Kansas with his mother and brothers. He married Florella Markle, daughter of George W. and Mary Markle 5 April, 1883. They were the parents of 4 children, Clela who died at three years, F. Grovenor, Harper, and Lee

Florella died 8 February, 1920 in Sylvia, Kansas. David died of injuries he suffered in an accident 23 December, 1933. He was buried in the IOOF Cemetery at Sylvia, Kansas.


Aaron Seward was born 25 November, 1847 in Indiana. He married Louzina McDaniel, the daughter of Levi and Elizabeth (Shelton) McDaniel of Gallia County, Ohio. He was a farmer close to Markleville, and later carried the mail between Markleville and Anderson, Indiana. He moved to Anderson, Indiana in 1890.

Aaron and Louzina had two daughters, Carrie who married Perry Jester, and Martha who married Edwin Farquahar.

Aaron died 1 January, 1929 and his wife Louzina died 23 December 1928. They are both buried in Walker Cemetery near Markleville, Indiana.


Claudius Buchanan Seward was born 30 September, 1849. He married Martha Trueblood. They lived in Illinois for a while before they settled at Anderson, Indiana. They had one son, Orrin Albert who was born 2 August, 1874. Claudius died before 1915.

Martha (Trueblood) Seward was born 4 December, 1857 in Markleville, Indiana. After Claudius' death she married Robert Cox of Pendleton, Indiana. After his death she dropped the name Cox. She is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, Indiana.


Mary Alice Seward was born 13 October, 1851. In 1872 she married George Collins, son of Thomas Collins. They had six children:

  • Rhoda Ann, born 14 March, 1872 who married first William A. Collingwood and 2nd James Bussell

  • Lewis Vinton, born 23 July, 1873 who married Cora Jane Judge.

  • Vitello Francis born 4 August 1874 married John W. Noland.

  • Walter born 1 July, 1878 died 11 July 1878.

  • Phoebe born 6 December, 1884 married William Roy Hasler

  • Homer Allen born 1 August, 1888 married first Cora Alice Keller, and 2nd Miss Wilkinson.

The family lived in Shirley, IN. Mary Alice died 21 March, 1926. George Collins died 15 August, 1914.


Hannah Louann Seward was born 29 June, 1858 and died 25 May, 1930. Her first husband's name was Christopher Zumwalt. They lived together in Illinois. Her second husband's name was Mr. Agar of Council Bluffs, Iowa. She is believed to have died in St. Helena, California.