Some Seward Family Group Sheets

CoyAvon and
Mabel (Drew) Seward

Married 11 May, 1908
Lyons, Kansas

Their daughters: (clockwise from top)

Coy Avon Seward was born March 4, 1884 in Rice County, Kansas. He was the son of Roscoe Conklin Seward and Hetty Ann (Bohrer) Seward. He was one of two children - his sister, Gail Vernelle Seward was born June 18, 1887

He attended school in Chase, Kansas and in 1901 graduated from Chase High School. He started out working in the lumber business, but soon discovered that his his energies were better spent in becoming a commercial artist. He attended Washburn College in Topeka, Kansas and then Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas, where he studied with the well known artist Birger Sandzen.

On May 11, 1908 he married Mabel Elizabeth Drew, the daughter of Carle Enrique Drew and Estella Jane (Meacham) Drew in Lyons, Kansas. They established a home in Wichita, Kansas that year.

To outline his life's accomplishments is a project far beyond the intention of these pages. In addition to becoming a fine commercial artist he established himself as a lithographer and printmaker. He was one of the founding members of Prairie Print Makers and his prints are included in the collections of many museums. Another of his granddaughters, Barbara Thompson, has now posted a comprehesive biography of him on the Internet. You can find it at

His health was never good. He died after a long illness 31 January, 1939.

"In spite of frail health too, he is always genial and full of a very droll and personal brand of wit. His friendship is a solid blessing and he withholds it from no one. He will fight anyone's battles but his own, for his ingrained modesty shies away from the spotlight and his perfect generosity disinclines him to take an earned advantage. . ."

Gail Vernelle Seward was born June 18, 1887 at Chase, Kansas. She married Emmett Rondeau Wood, son of T.J. and Cynthia (Burden) Wood, Jr. on 8 November, 1907 in Kingsley Kansas. They had four children - all born in Raymond, Kansas; Aura LaVelle b. 1 Feb, 1909, Audra LoRetta b. 6 November, 1911, Eugene Roy b. 1 February, 1912 and Marcedene Vernelle b. September 21, 1913.

Helen Margaret Seward was my mother. She married Robert Lawrence Solter 12 October 1935 in Wichita, Kansas. I am the oldest of their three children. Helen died November 1995 in Columbia, Boone Co, MO

Dorothy Maurine Seward married Kenneth Boyd Thompson 10 July, 1937 in Wichita, Kansas. They had four children. Dorothy died April 1992 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, Ks

Virginia Ruth Seward married John Leroy Pierce 23 August, 1940 in Wichita, Kansas. They had three children. Virginia died November 2007 in Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN

Mildred Avon Seward was the author, publisher, and editor of "Seward Cousins". She married Howard Kenneth Pierce 31 May, 1937 in Wichita, Kansas (different Pierce family from John Leroy Pierce). They had one child. Mildred died March 1987 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS