During a genealogy workshop I attended several years ago the instructor said "Your job as a genealogist is to 'get the name, get the date, and get out'" I was dismayed by this statement, and at that point decided that I'm not and never will be a genealogist. What I am is a family historian.

It interests me very much that Eliza Dacus bought a lump of indigo at the general store in April 1843.(I do have the date, by the way), that Cal Drew and his wife Estella ran a magic lantern show at Kansas fairs, that a clerk in Brown County Ohio decorated the county court minutes with a garland of flowers during a hot summer's day. My frustration in doing family history this way is that, unlike an author of fiction, I can't always find an ending to a story, or invent reasons for inexplicable actions taken by some of my ancestors. Sometimes, however, examining the details of someone's life has earned me unexpected information - and "the name and the date".

I've set myself a number of projects because I was more interested in the people than the dates, and I intend to present them here as I have time to put them in a form suitable to this medium. The Alexander Dacus Timeline is complete for the moment.(until I find out something new) There are more articles to come.

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