This doll was made from the Judy Ward pattern "Savannah" It's an excellent pattern, but my execution of it left a lot to be desired.
Things I learned making this doll:
  • First, I put her eyes too close together!
  • Second, I love the doesuede texture for the doll, but I should have put in extra time experimenting with painting on it before I made the doll.
  • Third, I was still in using the stash mode, and decided since I had a nice (smallish) piece of brocade, I'd make her into a 1870's lady with a back bustle. The dress just looks like I skimped on fabric.
  • All the above things conspired against me and I never did complete the project as Judy planned it. (Hair, eyelashes, etc.)
  • I need to try this pattern again, although my current version does have sort of a goofy charm.
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