This is the Snow Queen from Dollmakers Journey's "A Doll for All Seasons"set designed by Mary Ann Kaahanui and Bonie B. Lewis. I really enjoyed making this doll. The instructions were first rate and all of the doll's accessories made nice pick-up projects.
Things I learned making this doll:
  • I finally made a successful pair of shoes.(good instructions)
  • I tried using a tiny bit of dilute white glue on the finger seams before I turned them and it worked. No blown fingers!
  • There are problems with the challenge of getting all the materials out of "the stash" The brocade piece I had was just a bit too heavy. I used it anyway instead of following the pattern instructions which called for a knit fabric.
  • I coated her face with textile medium before I painted it and felt it did a difference. The paint seemed much easier to control.
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