Sasha was the first doll I tried to make. The pattern came from Miriam Gourley's book Crafting Cloth Dolls and was called "Renaissance Woman"
Things I learned making this doll:
  • The pattern made a very nicely shaped body. I didn't have good luck with the separate thumb pieces. They were too small for my hand sewing abilities
  • I had a lot of fine yarn on hand from my knitting machine days. I used some of that for her hair. I wefted the yarn and hand stitched it to her head.
  • Shoes were made of black cloth, cardboard and glue. I made them to slip on. It would have worked better if I'd constructed them right on her foot.
  • She was designed to be displayed on a stand by means of a wire up her leg and into her body. I'm not sure how I feel about "doll as figurine", but I tried it.
  • Since we were playing French folk tunes for dances at the time, I put her in a sort of a folkdance costume.
  • Her chin is too long. If I use the pattern again I'll make a deeper curved cross seam at the chin line.
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