This was a challenge pattern originally from Anna Brombal which I started and didn't get completed in time. She still isn't done.
Things I learned making this doll:
  • I decided to try cotton lycra for this pattern. It works better as a cloth over than as a base. It's a bit wobbly.
  • I painted her and needle sculpted the face and added some paper clay for additional face shaping. That worked pretty well.
  • I had a concept for this one and got stuck. She was going to be the goddess of pie with a chiton, a midwestern apron and an enormous apple pie. I think I need to make her into a real 1940's midwestern housewife and let the goddess part take care of itself.
  • The final hairdo is waiting for me to make up my mind. It's white mohair which I attached with a felting needle.
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