I like boudoir dolls. I've bought two newer ones plus a "head only" and in time will restore them a little bit. Antonette Cely's book Cloth Dollmaking contained the pattern for the doll I call Dora.
Things I learned making this doll:
  • There's a nice trick for making the doll's hands turn out, and I liked the idea of sewing the stuffed arms to the torso before stuffing the torso
  • This pattern doesn't allow for much of a nose, but the trade off in that shaping of the face and chin is almost worth it. I might try again with a fabric with a little bit more stretch.
  • My big goof on this project was forgetting to add seam allowances on the dress. Is it a template or a pattern? crucial question to ask.
  • I painted her shoes and socks - glued lace around the sock tops.
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