These three dolls are made to a rebekah holloway pattern Three English Maids. The blonde with the glasses is Anne, the brunette with the bear is Sherry and the rather severe rehead is Winifred,
Things I learned making this doll:
  • Since there were three costumes, I decided I'd make three dolls at once. The way I fit things into my schedule these girls took forever to complete.
  • I'd just completed Pam Grose's doll and liked using gesso and paint, so I decided to try the same technique on these dolls. This meant I couldn't use Rebekah's ideas about finishing the faces. They have a different look than she intended.
  • The clothing patterns were wonderful and, I'm guessing, pretty authentic. They were difficult to execute but very attractive when done.
  • I didn't like their arms and hands. The way the arms were attached made it difficult to dress the dolls. If I were to make another doll to this pattern, I'd design a costume to be sewn in place piece by piece.
  • The shoes were wonderful! and fun to make. Anne had lost her shoes and her book the day we took the pictures. They've now been found and we may do another picture later.
  • Shift down to see the other two dolls.
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