Frequently asked questions

  • "Where can we see you perform?"
    We primarily play at private events (weddings, parties, etc.) so when you ask us to play for your event we will invite you to one of our rehearsals. There you can get acquainted with us and discuss the music you would like us to play for your event.

  • "What if we want music that's not on your list?"
    Ask. Often we have the music in our files. If not, given enough notice, we're happy to obtain it. Occasionally an arrangement will be needed (so we can accompany a vocalist, etc.). Full arrangements are time consuming and require an additional charge. If a rehearsal is needed with a soloist we need to charge for the extra time that requires.

  • "How much will you charge for our event?"
    In general our charges depend on the length of time we are required to play. If the event is at some distance from us (25 miles or more), we add a surcharge for travel.

  • "What music do you provide for a wedding service?"
    We arrive a half hour before the ceremony, and play about 20 minutes of music while your guests are being seated. During the ceremony we play the music you have selected for that time. We usually play for about 10 minutes following the ceremony either until your guests have left the church or have gone on the the next activity.

  • "What do you (the quartet) need from us when you play at our event?"
    We need four armless chairs and sufficient floor space (minimum 10' x 10')in which to sit. If the event is outdoors we need protection for our instruments which are irreplaceable. This often means setting up a canopy to protect us from either rain or strong sunlight. If indoors, we need to set up in place with enough light so we can easily see our music, or in a location where we can plug in stand lights. If the event is a wedding we need a contact person who can help us coordinate the music with your entrances and exits.

  • We're quite sure you have questions we haven't answered here.
    Please contact us by E-mail or phone at the following listings and we'll be happy to answer them for you.
    • Anne Edge . . . .E-mail. . . . Phone: 360-943-1205
    • Phyllis Solter. . .E-mail. . . . Phone: 360-584-9001

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