Family Group Sheet - Henry A. Dacus

Name:Henry A.(Addis) Dacus He's listed with this middle name in the 1870 census
Information Source
Born: 10 Aug 1801 Place: Greenville, South Carolina Usual birth date is from R. Warren Dacus' book which has no sources listed - Henry himself says he was born in 1810 in South Carolina (per his given age in all the censuses I can find him in)
Born alternate: 1810 Place alternate: South Carolina see above remarks
Married: before 1832Place: Unknown locationdaughter Frances was born in 1832
Died: between 1860 & 1870Place: Unknown, probably Tipton Co, TN R. Warren Dacus says 1860-70, however Henry is in the 1870 census. There was an Administrators bond filed by S.E. Stephenson in Tipton Co, TN in March 1890. H. C. Dacus the original Administrator filed a claim for Civil War damages in 1889. Stephenson helped settle the case in 1903
Died: after 1870 - in 1870 censusPlace: Tipton Co, TN See above remarks
Buried at: Unknown 
Occ: Church:  
Father: Alexander DacusMother: Nancy Duprey This item is in question. Alexander's youngest son in the 1820 census was 16-18 years old, next youngest was 18-26, Henry A. would only have been 10 if we believe his version of how old he was. Patsy, Alexander Dacus' known daughter, was born in 1810 and she said she was born in Georgia, not South Carolina
Alternate father: John Dacus of SC?Alternate mother: unknown See above remarks
Other Spouse: None recorded 
Spouse: Amy, Anney, Elizabeth Unknown (Bryant?)
Born: 1803Place:South Carolina Birth date and place of birth from census
Died:after 1880Place: Tipton Co, TN Her will was admitted to probate June 1883
Buried at:  
Father: Mother:  
Other Spouse: none recorded 

Date & Place
Date & Place
Married: Date, Place & Partner
Frances1832 Tennessee Sept 28, 1848, Tipton Co, TN - Daniel Buford Boswell
Mary A.1836 Tennessee  
Sarah Adeline1837 6 Sept 1854, Tipton Co, Tn - William Carroll Dacus
Martha1839 28 Dec 1854, Tipton Co, TN - John Davis Boswell
Henry C.(Columbus)1843 1861, Tipton Co. Tn - Laura A. Huffman

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