Boswell Dacus Family Group Sheet

Name:Unknown Boswell (The names William and John have both been suggested)
I've seen both names proposed, but no source information for either one of them at this point
Information Source
Born: VirginiaPlace: ? Several of the children say their father was born in Virginia in the 1880 census
Married: ?Place: ? Meridith Tinney and Tim Harrison are two researchers who have posted information about this family
Died: ?Place: ?  
Buried at: ? 
Occ: ?Church: ?  
Military: ? 
Father: ?Mother: ?  
Other Spouse: ?  
Spouse: Patsy Dacus
Born: 1809-1810 Place: Georgia In the 1850 census Patsy says she was born in Georgia.
Died: Before 1860?Place: ?  
Buried at: ? 
Father: Alexander Dacus Mother: Jane Dupree  
Other Spouse:  

Date & Place
Date & Place
Married: Date,
Place & Partner
Nicholas Boswell1823 TennesseeHe's buried at Indian Creek Cemetery**
Tombstone dates Jul 23, 1823-April 14, 1884
Tipton Co, TN 9 June, 1842* Eliza Jane Baskin
Eliza is buried in Indian Creek Cemetery**
Tombstone dates Nov 12, 1823-July 27, 1865
Nicholas Boswellsee abovesee aboveTipton Co, TN 6 November 1865* Catherine Merritt
If Nicholas is Patsy's son he would have been born when she was 13. That's very young even at that time in history. However he does say in the 1880 census that his mother was born in Georgia. Both marriage dates from Tipton County marriage records. Eliza Jane Baskin is the daughter of Moses Baskin and Catherine Adkinson (Wanda Greathouse - Ceres, CA)
John Boswell1825
Tipton Co, TN 11 Feb, 1847* Elizabeth Jane Dacus
Elizabeth is buried in Indian Creek Cemetery** Tombstone dates - Sept 22, 1831 to April 4, 1862
I'm not sure who Elizabeth belongs to. She's either the daughter of Lewis or of Henry A. Dacus. I suspect she belongs to Henry A. Again, John is a little too old to let me feel comfortable about Patsy being his mother. He is not John Davis Boswell. John and Elizabeth appear in the 1860 Tipton County census together with their children after the listed marriages for John Davis. Elizabeth died in 1862. John appears with a new wife (Mary A.)in the 1870 census
Not this family* - John Davis Boswell
 Tipton Co, TN 28 Dec, 1848* Martha L Dacus
Martha L. Dacus is a daughter of Henry A. Dacus.
Not this family - John D. Boswell
 Tipton Co, TN 3 Sept,1859* Amanda Dacus
I'm sorry to say I don't know what family Amanda belongs to. Her name is written very clearly in the marriage record, but there's no minister's return or any other information. Perhap's she's a widow.

* In the 1880 census a J. D.Boswell (b @1831) says his mother was born in South Carolina and and there is a S. Boswell, grandmother b. SC living with the J.M. Kelly family. In 1870 in Shelby Co, TN Bluford Dacus (son of Lewis Dacus) and his wife Elizabeth Boswell Dacus sell their rights in a piece of property belonging to Nicholas Boswell deceased to J.D. Boswell - Elizabeth's death certificate says she's the daughter of Nicholas Boswell and Sarah Kelly. This must to be the family John Davis belongs to. (Shelby Co Tn deed book 75, p. 132)
Daniel Buford Boswell@1827
Tipton Co, TN 28 Sept, 1848* Frances Dacus
I believe that Frances Dacus is the daughter of Henry A. Dacus although she could belong to Lewis. She was probably born about 1832, In the 1850 census her age is listed as 18
Frances Boswell@1831 @1826 (2 different sources) Tennessee
between 1853 & 1860
Tipton Co, TN 18 Sept 1845* Felty Coats
In the 1860 census Tipton Co, TN John and Rosa Coats children of Felty and Frances (Fannie) are living with Nicholas (N.H.) Boswell who was identified as either their uncle or their mother's uncle by Mary Ann Franklin on the Boswell Genealogy Forum 11/29/1998. She further stated the the couple died in Arkansas during a Yellow Fever epidemic.
William C. BoswellMay 20, 1834 TennesseeTombstone at Indian Creek Cemetery** says May 20, 1834 to Dec 27, 1919Tipton Co, TN 2 Oct 1864* Eliza McCarroll
Eliza's tombstone at Indian Creek Cemetery* says June 6, 1810 to Oct 18, 1899**. I'd guess that 1810 is a misreading of 1840
I have no problem with William or his younger sisters being Patsy's children. They are the 4 children with her in the 1850 census. William says in the 1880 census that his mother was born in Georgia
Sarah Boswell1838 Tennessee
Tipton Co, TN 29 Sept 1872* Hiram Howard
I have no problem with Sarah being Patsy's daughter
Elizabeth Boswell1840 Tennessee
Tipton Co, TN 16 Oct 1857* W.J. Pace
I have no problem with Elizabeth being Patsy's daughter
Lucy Boswell1842 Tennessee
Tipton Co, TN 29 Sept 1872* Hughlet Harris
I have no problem with Lucy being Patsy's daughter

There are a lot of blank spaces in this group sheet. We know almost nothing about Patsy's husband except his last name. A William Boswell did live next door to Alexander Dacus in 1830 and that's where the idea that William is the father of all these children comes from. Here are some questions that occur to me. Since this isn't my line I think it's up to a descendant of this family to do further research to fill in the rest of the blanks.
  • For proposed spouse William. Is it possible that Patsy was a second wife, and that not all of the children are hers? Maybe she was right next door when the first wife died.
  • We're assuming she's a widow, not just visiting her father in 1850. Is that a good assumption? It would help a lot to find out what happened to her husband. There just might be a will or an administration somewhere in Tennessee - or maybe he was still living - just somewhere else.
  • I'm reasonable sure that Patsy is Alexander's daughter. She says in the 1850 census that she was born in Georgia. Alexander was probably there at that time. We can place him in Oglethorpe County through 1807 and one family story says he went to Sugar Valley, Georgia before he went to Tennessee. (James and Anna Lynn Dacus didn't have the Georgia information when they wrote their book so they discounted the possibility that Patsy was Alexander's daughter).

*All the marriage dates and partners above come from Tipton County marriage records now on line at Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002

**Indian Creek Cemetery is in Lauderdale County, TN which was created from Dyer, Tipton and Haywood in 1835. Since Lauderdale's just next door to Tipton, it would be a really good bet to search the probate records there for Boswells. gives the full listing for this cemetery

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