Alexander Dacus' Will

I, Alexander Dacus of Tipton County, State of Tennessee being of advanced age but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make ordain and publish this as my last will and testament. (Viz)

Having heretofore as they severally became of age or married and settled off in life given to each of my elder children not hereinafter named their full and equal shares of my estate or as much as I am now able to give my wife and younger child or children. It is therefore my wll and wish and I do so desire that after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses my wife Rebecca have and enjoy the use of all my property money or estate both real and personal so long as she remains my widow or until our daughter Lavina or any other child or children that we may hereafter have should marry or become of age. Should my said wife marry again or at her death then I wish all my said estate of every kind and description to go to our said daughter Lavina or to be equally divided between her and my other child or children we may heretofore have married or become of age then I which such child or children to have their equal share or shares out of my said estate. In witness of which I do hereunto subscribe my name and affix my seal this 19th day of May AD 1852. interlined before signed and acknowledged in our presence the day and date above written.

S || Wm C. Hazen, J. R. Bledsoe, R.H. Mumford
Alexander X Dacus (his mark) seal

State of Tennessee
Tipton County Court
May term 1854

The foregoing paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Alex Dacus Dec. 2 late of this county was this day presented to court and the execution thereof duly proven according to law by the oaths of JR Bledsoe and R H Munford, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Witness my hand at office this 1st day of May AD 1854.
s|| R H Munford, clerk(WT pp 16 & 17)

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