Sale of Alexander Dacus' property in Lincoln Co, TN

from The Village Messenger, Fayetteville, Tennessee,

Vol. 4, No. 24, November 9, 1827:

Sheriff Sales.

By virtue of six writs of venditioni exponas, issued from the county court of Lincoln County, Tennessee, I shall offer for sale at the court house door in the town of Fayetteville, on Saturday the 29th day of December next, all the right, title, claim and interest that Alexander DACUS has in and to sixty-two acres of Land, the place whereon Alexander DACUS now lives, adjoining the land of William DACUS, Nathaniel and Benjamin RUDD:

also, one other tract of land, containing ninety-two acres, entered in the entry-taker's office of Lincoln county, Tennessee, on the 16th day of June, 1824, by entry No. 133, beginning at a sugar tree on the south boundary line of Nathaniel RUDD's 153 acre tract, marked X running thence south one hundred and sixty-five poles, thence east sixty-five poles to the west boundary line of Jesse ELLIS's land . . . the same having been levied on by a constable to satisfy six judgments, four in favor of Leonard CARRIGER and Jonathan EATON, one in favor Isaac HOLMAN, and one in favor of James BOROUGH, all of which judgments were obtained before justices of the peace against the said Alexander DACUS.

Sale within lawful hours.
Nov. 8, 1827

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